What Is A Drawstring Ponytail and how to attach it…

I get a lot of questions asking how to put on a drawstring ponytail. I had one lady who just couldn’t understand how they worked, no matter how I explained it to her.

Human hair Ponytails are a quick and easy way of changing you hair style with very little effort. As it takes very little effort, I of course love them. With that in mind I thought I’d show you how easy they are to use.

100% Human Hair Ponytails by Sleek

The “Before” the ponytail is attached

100% Human Hair Ponytails by Sleek

The “After” photo

As you can see, human hair drawstring ponytails can make a big difference in looks. Now I’m sure your wondering how to get the thing on your head?

Human and Synthetic Ponytails

The base of the ponytail

Human and Synthetic Hair Ponytails

Inserting grip clip into the cap of the ponytail

The above images show the “cap” of the drawstring ponytail, where you would put your hair and attach the ponytail. You can also use a grip clip inside the ponytail to attach it to your head. Then use tighten the drawstring for added security.

Human and synthetic ponytails

Tightening the drawstring

Find Human and Synthetic Ponytails at Afuro Hair and Beauty

Drawstring tighten. Wrap the excess string around the base of the ponytail

It only takes a few minutes to do this.It only took me a few minutes to do put this on. I’m wearing a Freetress Ponytail called Calla and I also wore this ponytail while I went cycling. I cycle really fast so that goes to show you how secure these ponytails are.

Synthetic Ponytail by Freetress

Freetress Ponytail – Calla

Now you don’t have to take my word for how great ponytails are….Take someone elses.

17 Ponytails Tip

Ponytails have been around since the beginning of mankind.  Images of the earliest cavemen and women indicated that they tied their hair back off their heads with various “natural” pony holders such as vines, soft twigs or pieces of animal fur.

Since those caveman days the ponytail has evolved and changed through many civilizations and historical periods.

The ancient Egyptians, both men and women (of all ages), wore versions of ponytails to keep the intense heat off of their necks and faces.  The early Greeks and Romans also wore a version of pulled back strands akin to today’s pony hairstyles.

Modern day celebrities like Mischa Barton, Brittany Murphy, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson love to wear ponytails for both casual and formal wear.

With every popular style that regularly cycles in and out of hair fashion there are a series of tips that can be gleaned that make taking a ponytail trip a more pleasant experience.

There are also various myths that arise about any type of hair style, including the seemingly innocent pony.

Listed below are 17 ponytail tips that include various myths, facts and ponytail trivia. Read more…..

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